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Seventieth anniversary of the publication of Friedrich Hayek’s Road to Serfdom and Karl Polanyi’s Great Transformation, in 1944.

For Hayek, the departure from minimalist laissez-faire government was the road to serfdom. For Polanyi, the self-regulating market was the road to the ruin of the western democracies. In From the Great Transformation to the Great Financialization (2013), we trace … Continue reading

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Interview with Michèle Rioux: Nine Decades of Scientific and Militant Life

KARI POLANYI: Nine Decades of Scientific and Militant Life Michèle Rioux This is a translated transcript of an interview conducted by Professor Michèle Rioux, Director of the Centre d’études sur l’intégration et la mondialisation (CEIM) and full professor in the … Continue reading

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