Kari Polanyi Levitt

Emerita Professor of Economics, McGill University, Montreal – Canada

Interview with Kari Levitt: ‘Bring the State Back In!’

Revue interventions économiques #45 carries an interview with Kari Levitt by Michèle Rioux on writing Silent Surrender, globalization, and the role of the nation-state.
“The hope lies with China, India, Brazil and many other countries. The Nation-State is the only political institution that makes laws, the only political institution where laws are actually made and can be enforced. It is where politics can and have happened – politics meaning the change of power relations of different classes and interests within the society. It sounds so good and it is such a nice vision – and I know a lot of young people think that way – to think that this can happen on a global scale. But how can it happen? How can people exercise democratic or any kind of political action except in their country? And “country” does mean something to people.”

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