The George Beckford Papers

The George Beckford Papers

Selected and Introduced by Kari Levitt


“George Beckford’s work is characterized by a remarkable consistency of purpose and vision…This collection presents the unfolding of George Beckford’s work from agricultural economics to political economy, to the social economy of ‘man space’, to the cultural roots of Caribbean creativity and a vision of one independent, sovereign and self-reliant Caribbean nation…His purpose was to reveal the legacy of dispossession orginating in the slave plantation experience of African people in the New World; to ‘free the mind’ from the internalization of attitudes of inferiority and ‘Afro-Saxon’ mimicry. His vision was the affirmation of the culture of ‘overcoming’ rooted in the Caribbean ‘peasantry’ and the land.”
From the Introduction of The George Beckford Papers Professor Kari Levitt.

ISBN 976-8125-40-3 Paper
ISBN 976-8125-75-6 Cloth
540pp 6 x 9
US$ 27.00 (s) Paper
US$ 40.00 (s) Cloth

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